Cool Summer Airport Outfits You Need To Try


It’s summer and it’s basically vacay time for a lot of people, so what do you wear to the airport? Let’s note that with the summer comes heat, sweat, and moist. This isn’t the time for head-warmers, thick sweaters, winter boots and the likes.

Basically in summer, you need to feel comfy, and give your body access to a lot of fresh air, or create and atmosphere for it to breathe.

  • Dark Colours are a win, just in case you spill some tea or juice on you, it won’t appear visible.
  • Comfort is key, in whatever combo, you need to be comfy in it.
  • Not so many accessories, reason is cos you’ll still remove them at the checkpoints and this can be tiring.
  • A scarf, blazer or jacket could come in handy when the atmosphere drops while en route your destination.
  • Don’t forget to keep it simple, you’re not on a red carpet or at a fashion show, also the flight might be quite longer than usual, or there might be impromptu delays, you need to be at ease.
  • Unless you’re going on a private Boeing flight, and having a business meeting. You really should take it easy, and not be so formal.┬áThe goal is to be stylish, but comfortable.


Which of these styles suits you most?


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