Tajé’s Tips – Health Benefit of Beans


Seeing as tomato has become gold in the country (although we’re getting a lot of rain recently so there seems to be hope on the horizon) it’s clear that we need to go back to eating other types of foods more regularly.


Beans are a super healthy, super versatile and super affordable food. It is high in antioxidants, fiber, protein, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper and zinc. Eating beans regularly may decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease, colorectal cancer, and helps with weight management. There are different types of beans from green/red beans, lentils to black eyed beans.


Beans is rich in folic acid, vitamins & minerals which help to Lower cholesterol and lower the risk of heart diseases. It’s packed with protein & calcium and can be added to just about everything, from stews to soups to salads.

Generally in Nigeria we use black eyed beans.


I particularly like to make my beans with no oil but packed with veggies and yummy goodness but sometimes I make it with red oil because believe it or not red oil has its health benefits if used in moderation. Beans also have a ton of fiber and are great for digestion so eating them everyday is actually okay.



Although, they might make some of you fart, but the benefits far out weigh the farting spells.

Here’s five things you can make with beans or eat with beans

  • Cooked plain beans added to salads/rice
  • Beans porridge you can add ripe plantain or yam
  • Moi moi served as breakfast or a meal side
  • Akara/ Akara pancakes great for breakfast
  • Beans soup great for this chilly weather we’re experiencing at the moment.



So go ahead and add more beans to your diet.
Ps let me know if you would like my no oil beans recipe?

I promise you’ll love it.







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