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If you’re an avid follower of Stylevitae or more specifically, my own write ups here, you would know these two things, I do love the literary world and I’m a huge fan of

This past month has been a roller coaster of emotions for me, health wise, and at some point I was convinced I wouldn’t make it out alive so much so that yesterday night, when it all came to an end I crammed the date just so I would always remember the strength of God’s mercies (Yes, I’m one of those people dates means a lot to).

In the midst of everything, one thing asides God’s faithfulness stayed true- the peace and safety I found in being lost in the pages of any book.

There’s this understated joy that reading a book gives, the pure ecstasy that comes with finding situations that perfectly describe how you’re feeling or have felt at some particular point, the familiarity within when a particular character mirrors you to the tee. It’s a blessed thing about books and only few people have discovered the blessing that books truly give.

One of such people is Maya Angelou.


In my usual habit of checking up on my fave websites, I came across this article on – Maya Angelou on How a Library Saved Her Life.

It brought a familiar smile on my face as I knew just how true this was. In the article,Maria Popova wrote about how, in the autumn of 2010, shortly before Maya Angelou received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, a research division of the New York Public Library ( Harlem’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture) had acquired her papers.

When Maya visited the NYPL for a public event celebrating the occasion,she sang to illustrate the life-saving role libraries have always played in the lives of the people during the darkest of times and went on to share the story of how a library had saved her own life as a child.

This article also reminded me of a book I totally love, (The Book Thief By Markus Zusakand have read much more than I can count, of the accounts of a young German girl who found love in books, albeit stolen during the World War II.

For Monday Motivation today, I hope this video helps someone out there, who knows the magic contained in libraries, virtual and real, and looks to them to help through a trying time.




Have a beautiful week guys!






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