The SVTeam – Our Style Resolutions For 2017!


We are fully back at the SVHQ and geared up for another fantastic year in fashion and style! With enough energy and zeal, notwithstanding the dryness that comes with Harmattan, we are ready to take on 2017 and share our style resolutions with you!



2016 was the year of discovering and embracing my sexuality, which I absolutely loved, However, there were moments when I played it safe but this year I plan on going all out. This means adding more daring pieces to my wardrobe and making sure I actually wear them, I also fell in love with a number of Nigerian designers and I plan on adding some of their pieces to my wardrobe. Another resolution is to do yoga in style. So I’ll be investing in cute yoga outfits and practicing as much as possible.

Joyce Akanbi, @Joyceakans


The Introverted Gent


I’m not big on resolutions of any sort, but in the spirit of resolutions, style resolutions to be specific, the obvious one is to invest in more traditional wears. I barely wear natives and this hasn’t changed even after I moved back to Nigeria in 2015. I’d definitely like to have a lot more pieces. The traditional wears market is so big Qollars needs to partake in it at some point, hopefully this year.

Another style resolution would probably be to look good on days off like while doing the grocery shopping. I usually just throw anything on not minding what is being combined – Sprezzatura style. Maybe I should pay more attention in this case. Alexander Wang put it nicely, “Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing”. #stayfresh.‎

Okeluem Felix Onatu, @Qollars


Style By Arddy


This year, I want to experiment more with colors, swamp my wardrobe with more Afrocentric pieces and of course ditch some of my flat for heels!

Sandra Onyekachuckwu, @its_ardnas


Mannequin Et Stylist


  • To try the whole no bra thingy, I have very small boobs so no problem there. There are so many looks i’m itching to try with this.
  • To always change my hair style at least monthly, yes I cut my hair but there’s an unbelievable amount of ways to experiment with low cut hair.
  • To wear heels more often and not give a single f**k when I get the you’re too tall to be wearing heels stares.
  • To wear makeup more often too, and maybe try new looks apart from the usual nude
  • To make more money for shopping 😃

Pat Ada Eze  (@pat_ada_eze )


Sole Divas


2016 was pretty much a dull fashion year for me, I blame it on being pregnant more than half the year.

This year, I’m going to represent my passion by going all out with my footwear game- more frequent pedicures + sick shoes.

Oh yea, I’m putting in all the work to get my body back and better and I’m getting a hang of pieces that work well for me, so I will be taking more pictures to celebrate the new look.

Jare Ogbe , @Jay_soledivas


Tiff’s Tips


As my love for fashion grows, my fashion resolution for 2017 is to rebrand my image. I’m stepping up my style and upgrading my wardrobe. Just call me glamour girl from here on out. I’ll be adding a lot of fancy feminine pieces to my style to stand out from the crowd.

Tiffany Ervin, @makeuproyalty101


Church Style From The Awesome Nigerian Girl


My style resolutions for 2017 would be to invest more in timeless pieces, mostly vintage, that i’d wear over and over again. To be more daring, wear brighter colors and more edgy styles. To plan my outfits ahead more because I literally put everything together in the last minutes. Most importantly though, goal is to SLAY without mercy this year!

Wumi Oguntuase, @wumituase


For The Men By Akin Faminu


My new year resolutions are to remain original, to become more creative with my outfits, and to buy and wear Nigerian.

Akin Faminu, @akinfaminu


Ifeoma Cupid Nzekwue


My style resolution is to get more made in Nigeria items and infuse more colour to my very black wardrobe.

Ifeoma Nzekwue, @bellaifee


Woven Blends On



To me style resolutions are not really a thing, as I do not have one particular way of dressing. However, looking back at 2016 … I would say my goals this year are to be more fearless in everything I do.

I also want to be more deliberate in my arts and the things I publish online. Building a brand has been one of the toughest challenges of my life, with everyday obstacles. However, overall … I would say my goal this year is to be classy regardless of how I wear. I want to wear the simplest of things, and still portray beauty.

Hadiza Lawal, @wovenblends


For The Life Of Mimi


This year, I want to be FEARLESS in my style and beauty choices; minimal but fearless.

Mimi Onalaja, @mimionalaja


Diary Of An Isale Eko Girl 

Tunde Kabir Mason for Derin from Isale Eko

We all know it’s hard to accomplish every new year resolutions cause of our endless lists but as a tradition, it’s only right to still put one together. After setting life resolutions, style resolutions are next for those who love fashion. Here goes mine.

  • Put Together A Go To Outfit – This is the outfit I can run to when I’m being clueless and what not on what to wear and still come out looking fab. Be it a pair of denim, a white shirt and heels or whatever I decide.
  • Try More Bold Colors And Take Risks – As much as I say to myself I don’t really wear bold colors I think my blog would say different so I intend to take more fashion risks, dresses different from the norm, put BOLD colors together and hit the streets. That is,  try to be more girlie with my outfits which I don’t think I am.
  •  Wear As Much Nigerian As I Can – So last year I really wanted to try wear more Nigerian which I did successfully but now I’m going to try to make sure that in every 3rd outfit you see of me there’s a Nigerian Designer somewhere… I’m practically in love with Nigerian Designers and going to make sure I wear as much as I can by them.
     This was supposed to be a paragraph long but see me going off…
    Anyways, I  intend to look always stylish, step my accessories game up a notch ( exchange rate hindered my buying last year, buy more beautiful clothes and have nowhere to put them!
    Happy New Year Guyssss.. Have An Amazing And Very Stylish 2017.

Derin Odugbesan-Thomas, @derinfromisaleko




One Goal – Wear more Ankara!

Edoghogho Omorotionmwan, (@owggee)


Nikki’s Style Diary


Happy New Year everyone! The countdown of the 365 days has officially kicked off. Last year myself and the beautiful #SVArmy were asked to turn in their style resolutions and mine was to drop all the Tees and wear more dresses but well that didn’t quite work.  MY new year style resolutions is to discover the vintage/sexy side of me, wear more artsy clothes and outfits that will show off my body. God help me keep up to this!

Nikki Anyansi, @nikkiandtees


Nims Of The West!


Last year was pretty rough all through and even though I kept to my resolutions, my skin and beauty game suffered because of undue stress. This year there are three things I hope to switch up.

  • Fitfam lifestyle
  • Makeup game
  • Hair Game.

So help me God!

Nimide Ogbeun, @nimyde



Last year, I didn’t invest in fashion pieces for myself because of the responsibilities that came with my marriage. This year I want to change that; buy more kicks, try out linen fabrics for Danshiki and more casual wears.

Noble Igwe, style influencer, blogger, mens fashion, Noble Igwe style 2

Noble Igwe, @noble_igwe




Happy new year from all of us!!!







  1. Well, for me this year I definitely want to invest. And I mean in my style game. Gone are the days of cheap as chip stuff that you only wear once or twice. I do splurge sometimes, but I have come to learn it is better to have a few durable items that would last a lifetime (the key is to add them up until your wardrobe transforms or as your income allows) than those that fall apart after one or two wears. It also makes economic sense in the long run.

    So, 2017 is the year of quality shoes, well-made-in-Nigeria clothes, fabulous watches and other clothing items.


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