The Style Glaminarian’s Pick – 5 Essential Shoes Every Shoe Lover Must Own!


Shoes are an investment. Let’s be really sincere! There can never be such a thing as having too many shoes. Anyone who says there can be, lies!

However, it makes no sense, in fact, it is a taboo to keep stockpiling your shoe space and following every single shoe trend if you do not have the essentials which I would be listing below.

And just in case you just started building your ‘shoes territory’ owning a pair or two of these basics would ensure you would always have the pair you need.

Nude Classic Pointed Pumps.

Essentials Shoes For Every Woman - Nude

This is a classic pair for your wardrobe. Nude pumps are seriously a girl’s best friend. This shoe would never ever disappoint you. Nude pointed pumps are a no brainer. They go with just about everything, are timeless and can be worn anywhere. And did I mention how it automatically and instantly gives a sophisticated look to your outfit.


Ankle Strap Sandals


Time and time again, ankle strap sandals have proven to be the most basic kind of heels. They also go with everything in your wardrobe and works wonders if you need to lengthen your legs. Sometimes,an ankle strap sandal is a much cooler option to your regular pumps as it gives a more casual feel plus it’s perfect if you need to show off that fresh new pedicure. They come in various forms and designs so you can just pick pairs that appeal the most to your fashion sense


Casual Yet Stylish Sneakers

Essentials Shoes For Every Woman - Sneakers

And I’m not by any chance referring to gym sneakers. A pair of stylish sneakers is a wardrobe basic worth investing in and you definitely would look chic, comfy and stylish wearing a gorgeous pair. They are perfect for the weekends, hanging out with friends or when running errands and a lot more people are dumping the regular ballet flats for cook kicks. Wear with a short shirt dress and look how stylish you would appear.
Statement Heels

Essentials Shoes For Every Woman - Statement Heels

These shoes are totally dependent on what you feel will draw a lot of attention to your feet and would get people staring ‘lustfully’ at your feet. Statement shoes, preferably heels, are a girl’s must-have. Wear a statement heel on an otherwise ‘basic’ outfit and watch that outfit transform instantly. They are the go-to-pair for days where you feel like looking ultra sexy and making a fashion statement. Whether your definition of statement could be exquisite detailing or vibrant color or even animal prints, invest in a pair of statement heels and you are ready to conquer the world .
Simple Everyday Slip-on Sandals (A.K.A Slides)

Essentials Shoes For Every Woman - Slides

Your ‘shoe space’ is definitely not complete without everyday slip-ons and sandals. Let’s be honest, you can certainly never wear those 6 inches sparkly loubs hours on end at times and some of us are guilty of carrying around a pair of slip-ons whenever we are out and opt for it when the ‘heel struggle’ becomes unbearable. Asides that, slip ons are the most convenient items a girl could have and they are a fantastic options for days were you want to be super easy-breezy. They are wonderful alternatives to sandals. Slip-ons, just like every other kind of shoe, comes in various forms but it is preferable to go for the ones with a bit of detailing


Platform And Block Heels

Essentials Shoes For Every Woman - Platform

These are perfect alternatives to stilettos. Whoever told you that you could walk quite the distance or go shopping in those sky-high stilettos is not your friend. Sure, some people can, but they are in a minority. It never would be an easy journey to venture into especially when you would be walking for a really long time and depending on the occasion, flats may likely not be a convenient alternative. This is where platform and block heels come in. They are super easy and more comfortable to walk in and you would find that you would naturally gravitate towards them especially if you cannot walk properly in stilettos.
So there you have it, the most essential shoes you would ever need. Own a pair or two of these essentials and you are good to go.

Hope you have a nice time re-constructing your shoe closet if up until now ,you did not own any of these essentials.





Emeral Style GlamEmerald AKA the Style Glaminarian is a law student who doubles as a fashion and style entrepreneur who has always had a knack for style and a distinctive fashion sense. She believes that fashion and style go hand in hand and no one can function without the help of the other.Though she’s not caught up in the social media frenzy,you can catch her on Instagram (@emeraldkhien) or watch the world through her eyes on Snapchat (Emerald Khien)





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