10 Natural Hair Enthusiasts You Need To Follow On Instagram


You know how there are just some Instagram natural hair pages that give you life, especially those who are die-hard natural hair fans, if you know what I mean. 

There’s nothing more amazing than going through people’s Instagram pages, knowing that you will definitely learn one or two new things.

Giving all the natural hair inspiration you need, these lovely ladies will certainly make you wonder why the heck you ever relaxed your hair in the first place.

Take a look!


Avielle takes to her YouTube channel to share natural hair and beauty tips, and with over 2 million views on her channel, it’s obvious that her videos are authentic and reach a lot of women. I personally love her black curly hair.



Not only does this chocolate beauty have nice natural textured hair, she also has a sweet personality that would make you love her even more.



Beauty blogger Mckenzie gives off so much class and sass with her amazing selfie game on Instagram. She wears her natural hair in blonde curls and most times makes it silky straight. Either way, she is definitely one to follow.



Solange Knowles just knows how to work her hair, making you want to say, “Damn girl, how can I get my hair to move like yours and be like you?”. I love her natural hair!



We first noticed Devan at one of Kanye West’s fashion presentations and since then, the beauty has been one naturalista to look out for. Her alluring, photo-ready gaze and impeccable hair is hard to miss on Instagram.



Chime’s beautiful natural hair is enough to turn heads, she shares pictures showing a variety of hair styles on Instagram, making her the ultimate natural hair crush.



Oh my! Take a look at the gorgeous hair. It’s certain that when Francheska walks into a room you can’t help but notice all those mesmerizing curls. On her Instagram page she occasionally shares some amazing beauty posts that are truly worth the while.



Take it one day at a time… ☺️😘❤️ #WashandGo

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This lady right here has a talent for styling her natural hair, on Instgram she also gives off positive vibes and most especially, amazing photos of her fabulous black curly hair.



Raye has the type of hair you only see in magazines. It is really difficult to scroll past this natural hair beauty and not stop for a minute or 2. From fun looks to breezy ‘big hair, don’t care’ snapshots, you’ll be left wishing you can double-like her pictures.



When her soul matches her beauty, you my friend; have definitely won🌸.

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With blonde curly coils like hers, who wouldn’t want to stay glued to her Instagram page all day everyday. She’s a beam of light, just like her Instagram bio says.






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