10 Things You Can Do To Avoid Or Stop Break Out


If you love your skin and love it to look flawless after makeup application you will do everything possible to keep it as healthy as it can be.

Ani Stephanie

To prevent break out, these are some of the things I do, which I also recommend:

Use Only Clean Pillowcases, Hats and Scarves

This right here is one of my greatest pet peeves, I know a few of you might be like; if it doesn’t look dirty, it’s not dirty… that’s wrong on so many levels. Cleaning out your pillow cases has to be as important as making sure you don’t run out of Wi-Fi, lol.

We sometimes do our night regimens(hair care or facial)that leave products on our pillows, which is why you need to change pillow cases at least once a week .

Also dark-colored face hats/caps and scarf that we very often, forget to clean just because we don’t think they are dirty might be one of the major reasons you are breaking out.

Take this from me and I won’t lie to you, the darker they are, the more reason they need to be washed as often as possible.


Take Proper Care Of Beards

All many of us love guys with thick, well laid beards as they can be very attractive. Trust me, I do too but he might be causing a lot of damage to your skin, here’s how…

The facial skin is delicate and can be extremely sensitive depending on the type of skin that one might have. If sharp, rough beards come in contact with your skin while you are both loving up, they will most likely  irritate your skin and this can result to breaking up out.


We don’t want that, do we? So you can either have your man shave off all those beards that you love so much or make him moisturize them with some coconut oil, as this will help lubricate the hairs and also make them slide easily on your skin without pressure.


Pay Attention To Details

Unlike me, a lot of people do not pay attention to the contents of facial products they use; moisturizers, cleansers, primers and the other many products we apply on our skin. it is important to check for possible toxic ingredients that may irritate the skin. Some skins react to these while others don’t, ‘-siloxane’ or ‘-methicon’ in moisturizers, ‘sodium laureth sulphate’ in cleansers, and ‘benzoyl peroxide’ in acne treatment.

Try this little trick as well, discontinue the use of a product once it irritates your skin, just bear in mind that irritated skin = breakout + acne.


Study The Content Of Hair Products Before Buying

A lot of people don’t know this, but hair products can be the reason you are breaking out. I know we all want long ‘fleeky’ hair so we don’t go a night without doing a regimen for that hair to grow.

Hair products

Generally, oil-based products can cause you to break out, you might want to reduce the way you apply products on your hair, maybe cut back on the daily use and just make it a two to three times a week thing.

Also, cover your hair with a scarf at night just so you don’t leave products on your pillow, because it’s very easy for oil to absorb and keep in bacteria that can cause you to break out.


Do Not Smoke

Somethings can be addictive and I know smoking is one of those things. I don’t smoke but research has shown that smoking can increase one’s risk of breaking out because it damages the surface of your skin causing it be prone to foreign bodies.

Don't Smoke

My little advice, QUIT smoking!But if you can’t, reduce the number of sticks.


Watch What You Eat

It is crucial to trace your food intake so that you can  recognise things you eat that make you break out. I know there are days you have the best meals only for you to wake up to a zit or two, all you need to do is repeat one of those meals and see what exactly it is that is causing your skin problem. Don’t stop there, stay away from that food.


Also, spicy food contains tomatoes and pepper that in turn contain ‘acidic lycopene’ and for some people it can throw off their skin pH level, thus resulting in break out.


Maintain Good Post- Workout Hygiene

How hard can it be to just take a shower after working out? Don’t relax, no, don’t go to the kitchen to get a refill, take a bath.

Also,why do some ladiesfeel the need to wear makeup to the gym, take a towel to reduce the trace of sweat, get clean clothes and continue your day? First of all, you have your face covered up, hence your pores are covered up as well so all that sweat that was meant to come out during work out is locked in somewhere.
If you are guilty of this, you should stop because this is why very likely the reason you are breaking out. Your face is begging to be released and the breakout is just a subtle way of letting you know.


Do Not Pick Pimples

DON’T! DON’T!! DON’T!!!Please don’t do it. I’ve seen people do this and it just makes me cringe, you are definitely causing your skin more harm than good. Let me guess what might be going through your mind:

1) if I remove this one it will heal quickly, might leave a spot but it won’t be there anymore

2) I hate this thing on my face let me just take it out

3) I’ll just press out this one and cover it with foundation

*** cringing*** Gosh no!!!

When you remove substance from your pimple it is most likely going to be stored oil that’ll come in contact with a healthy part of the skin and if you have a pore there it can easily get in, that gives you extra new pimples. There are habits you need to cut out, and this is certainly one of them.

** you need to cut it**


Release Built-up Stress

We all work hard and can get stressed out, it is very easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life, but it is also very important to take care of ourselves while at it. For some people, breaking out is the first sign of stress and a good amount of work out can go a long way in reducing your stress levels.

Add some toppings to that, as yoga sessions every other weekend or a day at the spa once a month, you deserve good skin!


Ensure Makeup Brushes Are Always Clean

If it’s possible to wash your brushes after every use then do it, that is how serious this is. Bacteria are everywhere and it is easy to forget that you need to keep your makeup brushes clean especially if you don’t share them with anyone.

Make up brushes

The fact that you are not sharing does not mean it doesn’t get dirty, it does, so it is vital for you to keep them clean.



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