Hoops, tassels and denim


It’s safe to say that the earrings of the year are the hoops and  Tassels (dangly chandelier-ish fringe thingies lol as I sometimes describe them).

Tassels started trending in 2016 and was everyone’s personal favourite, and even more so in their jewelry or earring form.While the hoops have always been a thing and became even more so after Yarashahidi’s recreation of Shade’s hoops and denim picture.

The year saw an insurge of mixes of simpler hair do’s with lavish makeup routines and exaggerated jewelry. And the hoops and fringe earrings were perhaps the best of them.

With a variety of colours and designs we can’t say we are bored with them just yet, the right hoops or fringe earrings have that popping power to transform a face from ‘oh cute’ to ‘damn gurl’!

Now add a nice denim pair to that equation and Voila, Issa hit!

The 2017 casual chic girl look is denim with tassels or hoops and Its pretty cool.

       Personally I prefer hoops with up-swept hairstyles and tassels with a hairdo that’s down but hey, whatever bakes your potato. The tassels and denim or hoops and denim is a simple but very chic look and I hope it sticks for a while.


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