Pink & Purple Look As A Wedding Guest


This post is way over due, I think that is becoming like my most used line, but oh well it is what it is.

Do you guys think pink is such a feminine color? Like I think and run away from anything related or close to it? Pink is a great color really just never saw myself in it but then again here we are, I am fully dressed in PINK and I love it.

I was attending my cousins wedding and was torn between two outfits, couldn’t make up my mind on which to wear for a few hours but ended up wearing the pink two piece, which I think was a great choice, not that the other wouldn’t have been also.

The details on this skirt (swoshhhh), its AMAZING. I don’t even think pictures do it justice. And it is so heavy, which is to be expected considering the amount of work that has been done on it.

I had such an amazing time at the wedding, think we probably left there almost midnight and this was because the event place turned of the lights and literally threw us out. LOL.

  It definitely made me the perfect wedding guest. Paired it with purple heels because wanted a contrasting color but one that also worked for the outfit.

To wrap up my night I met ‘Davido’ at some point that night, and he was super cool, made my night. Was ready to head home at this point, even though this was already about 4am.

What do you guys think? Perfect wedding or Nay ?

Outfit Details ~

2 Piece set – @ibbystyles

Shoes – @tomford

Hair – @hikkyshair

Purse – @zashadu


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