5 Products Your Natural Hair Actually Needs


Disclaimer: I’m not a natural hair blogger, just an amazing girl who went completely natural 9 months ago and would love to share with you what I’ve learnt on this journey.

If you’re like any dedicated person who’s about to embark on a journey, you definitely would have done  a bit of research to find out what the journey entails – what to do and probably what not to do. Same goes with embarking on the natural hair journey (trust me, issa journey). In a previous post, I did mention you don’t need every product you’ve read about on blogs or heard your favorite YouTuber swear by.

To make your journey a lot easier, I have put together a must-have list to start with. This list is important for 2 major reasons;

1.     It helps you start small. You can build up on this based on your hair needs and personal preference.

2.     It saves you wasting money on products you may not use more than twice because you actually never needed them.


So besides your shampoo and conditioner these are the only other essentials you need to get your journey started;


Water is amazing for great skin, losing weight, good hair… everything really. It is essentially the key to life. Aside from drinking water, which is also an important part of your hair and skin care routine, spraying water on your hair makes your natural mane a lot easier to manipulate.


Hair Butter (this is honestly just a fancy way of saying shea butter)

I sincerely doubt there’s anyone in this part of the world that hasn’t heard of shea butter and it’s all amazing qualities. If I’m being completely honest, it has become the go to cure for everything hair and skin in my home. It is my mother’s go to butter; heck she’ll ask you to use it for any and everything and now I’m asking you to use it for your hair. Shea Butter can be used for pre-poo (put it on your hair for 30 minutes before washing with your sulphate-free shampoo) and also to lock in the moisture after wetting your hair with water.


Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners really just help to detangle strands and adds moisture to them. They can be applied everyday and used for deep conditioning. My go to leave-in conditioner is the Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream. This comes in argan oil and shea butter variant but I always use shea butter.


Natural Oils…

…are obviously natural hence have a lot of natural qualities that work wonders on what ever you apply them to. Different oils have different effects which span from making your hair thicker to restoring damaged hair. You can easily find natural oils like coconut, olive and castor oils in major stores in Lagos and Abuja (can’t speak for other states). However, I personally prefer to source my coconut oil locally, from Ijebu-Ode more specifically as the ones I usually see in stores have been refined and diluted. When looking to get olive oil, just think about anointing oil and you’re good to go. Argan oil is also amazing but a bit difficult to find and hence more expensive.



I know it sounds a tad weird but I did read somewhere that marijuana helps hair grow and I started using it when I got on my natural hair journey. To use, you simply mix into your regular hair growth cream and watch your mane get high. While I swear by this, I do know a couple people who have used it and got acne around their hairline afterwards so be careful I guess.

While curling cream is not on the list as I don’t necessarily think it’s an essential, it does help in defining your curls especially when you’re going for the twist out look and has worked better than the twist and lock gel for me.

Another product you should proceed with caution while purchasing is the Eco Styler gel. While this gets love from bloggers everywhere, it wasn’t until I got my 0.946 liter tub and didn’t get the desired result that I found out it works differently for natural hair types exposed to the Nigerian weather, because more often than not our hair just refuses to get laid.

Do you have any natural hair products you use and swear by? Let me know.


See you in my next post.

Till then




Images – Illustration – Ike Simster (@ikeslimster)

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