Want To Make A Good First Date Impression? These Restaurants Will Do The Trick!


I love restaurants even though I am not a foodie. As a matter of fact I have said over and over ‘If a man wants to take me on a date, the best I can do on the date is the appetizer, the likelihood of getting to main mean is very slim let alone dessert’. 

However there are so many other things I consider in a restaurant apart from food – the ambiance, the service, the duration it takes to deliver the food, the quality of the food and cocktail among others.

I have never had a first date where the man took me to a crappy restaurant that served crappy food and messed up my cocktails but I have had friends reiterate to me some of their gory experiences and I always dread it.

I started my restaurant tour to boast of having ample knowledge of restaurants and distinguish the crappy from the amazing and so far so good, it’s been both enlightening and exhilarating.

I know for certain if a man takes me to a restaurant I have never been to and I really like the place, he instantly gets bonus points. I can say that I decided to do this article just to give men an insight on some of the amazing restaurants that would give you bonus points when you take that lady out especially if she is knows her restaurants like I do.

Or maybe just because the restaurants outlined made such an impression on me that I had to write about them!

Without much ado lets get straight to it.

Villa Medici

Villa Medici

I loved this place. It is the epitome of fine dining and the ambiance is absolutely serene and perfect for the conversations you want to have on a first date.

The first time I was there, it was for an event and I had no idea how great the place way till I had a date there and I was swooned. I got there 6 mins before my date and the waiters asked if it was a table for two, I replied in affirmation and they took me to an amazing spot where I can sit and wait for my date, offering me the menu to make my order.

My date arrived 6 mins later and we decided to skip the appetizer because as I stated above, I eat little. The wine list was amazing and eventually we moved to the outdoor space where we enjoyed the air and sipped wine, that would be perfect for your date. It is located at no 1, Alhaji Babatunde Jose Street, Victoria Island.

Crust and Cream


This is one of my fave restaurants in Lagos, the ambiance is amazing, the outdoor space is perfect and the scenery from inside is even better.

The service is spot on and every time I go there I always feel inclined to give more than 10% tip because they always treat me like a princess. The menu is very straightforward, so you need not worry about picking what to eat. I usually have their cocktails because it is absolutely great and the pricing is simply perfect. It is located at 11, Musa Yardua Street, Victoria Island.

Casa Lydia

Casa Lydia outdoor space

We have talked about how this restaurant has my heart in so many ways. It boasts of a very closed intimate setting that would be perfect for any first date.

The servicing is amazing, the food is even more amazing, the wine list is very affordable and the pricing is almost unbelievable, it is that affordable and situated at 19, Glover road, Ikoyi.

Wheatbaker – The Grill Room

Eva's Tale - Save Yourself From A Bad Date wheatbaker hotel grill room

Last year, while thinking of a place to take my boyfriend, I remembered going to The Grill Room at the Wheat Baker with my girls earlier in the year, I decided to give it a try once again.

I got there 20 mins before the Mr came in and as usual I was at a loss on what to order from the menu. I asked the waiter for help and he was the nicest, gave me a list of the specials and helped me pick the wine that would go perfectly with each meal.

Before my boyfriend came in, I was already sure what I wanted to have and suggested to him to try out. The food was lovely and even better the setting made us connect on a deeper level. Just your ideal first date restaurant situated at 4 Onitolo, Lawrence Road, Ikoyi.

Samantha’s Bistro

Samantha's Bistro

It has a very small setting that has the intimacy you are looking for. It is perfect for a first date and the food is great the cocktails are even lovelier and the chef treats your order with utmost tenacity making you feel special. It is a spot you certainly want to go back to and it is located at 2 Webb Road, Off, Kingsway Road, Ikoyi.


Hopefully you have better reviews than I do! 









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