Ijé Ngálä – The Urez Kulture 2016 Resort Collection Will Make The Right Head Turning Statement!


Accessory label Urez Kulture is taking over the hair fascinator world with its new collection. The pieces are bold, colorful and beautiful, definitely a must have for ever stylish lady out there who intends to make a statement with her style.

The creative designer behind the accessory brand, Ijeure Onwadike, who shares that she veered away from her signature aesthetics for this collection, described with a few words what the collection meant to her and the creative process behind it;

“This Collection can best be described as Magical and Whimsical. I fused the most complimentary of colours, prints and designs to make unique, timeless and even more obsessively gorgeous pieces. A Hat can evoke the transformative power of fashion.”

The collection features pieces that offer a timeless sophistication in their appearance. Certainly created for the bold woman, each piece is designed to make bold and fashion forward statements.

My personal favourite has to be the gold embellished piece that alludes to Asian heritage with regal and royal glamour



Take a look at the rest of the collection below.

















Photography – Emmanuel Oyeleke

Make up artist – Diva Divine makeovers

Headwear Muse – @nwanlecha1

Styling – Moashy styling







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