Adekunle Gold and Ric Hassani could very well have been brothers in another lifetime.

Not only are they both dark skinned and gorgeous; or both gifted with voices that would warm your hearts and have been known to give the butterflies in many female stomachs a boost, or write beautiful love ballads that would be perfect background music for all things romance, they also both have an eclectic, urbane and Afro-centric sense of style which I must say is refreshing from the usual hip-hop inspired getup Urban African artists seem to favor.

Today on SV we’ll be causing a bit of a stir. You see, while they are both gorgeous, grounded and well dressed men we can’t decide whose style is better. So we’ll be having a style face-off *wink*.


Since his debut in 2015 after getting signed to label YBNL, Adekunle Gold has stayed in the limelight for his incredible talent, witty nature (remember all the photoshop, lol) and fresh sound which is favored by the young and old alike. And with his continuously revamped take on print and Afro style, he is about to endear the fashion crowd too, that’s if they aren’t already there.


‘Gentleman’ which is the title of his hit song is a term that probably best describes Ric, or maybe adding ‘African’ to it which gives his album name would be best, and this is apparent in his style. While this gentleman does the classics of a jacket and tie most of the time, his casual mixes give me life. Better watch out Jidenna, there’s a new Nigerian gentleman on the block!

The ball is in your court, who do you think wins this?




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