Afro Puff In 5 Minutes Or Less!


In the 3 years plus of my natural hair life, one style has been my ride or die through bad hair days and everything – the afro puff!

The reason is not far-fetched, it is easy and can be done in five minutes or less. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them you tubers and I have never even thought of ever recording a video while at it, because you know, I’m usually in a hurry… running late for NYSC CDS or something.

Thank God for bloggers like Buzzfeed’s Essence who are knid enough to document processes like these.



To style your afro in a puff, you will need the following:

  • Edge Control
  • Spray Bottle
  • Eco-styler Gel
  • Head Tie (In place of a head tie, I use a black shoe lace)



The steps to achieve the style are as follows:

Spray water on your hair to dampen it and make it move/stretch easily.

Eco-styler gel never works on my hair, but if your story is different, add some gel to make your hair more manipulatable.

Work the water through your hair using your hands.

Apply edge control to your hairline to make them sleek, then brush in the edge control.

Place your head tie from the back and cross it in front if you want a higher puff. To position it further back, place your head tie from the front and cross it at the back.

Pull each end of the tie to form the puff, then wrap you tie around and tuck it in. Be careful not to tie it too tight, except of course you don’t mind a terrible headache.

Bonus: I usually do this and tie a scarf on it before I go into the shower, that way, the scarf would help add some sleekness to the look. I take off the scarf just before I step out of the house.



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  1. Eco-Styler doesn’t work for me too. I use Design essentials leave-in-conditioner and Protective leave-in-strengthened but i hardly wear my hair out. I’m almost 5 years natural.


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