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So today guys, let’s attempt to navigate the forgotten and often faux pas-ridden land of the leather sandal. Disgraced by sock pairings and shamed by its Velcro-strapped cousins, the sandal has been all too readily dismissed in recent years. Billed as feminine and un-stylish by many, during high summer the sandal should be seriously considered as your off-duty go-to.

Sandals have always been pretty polarising, which is largely down to some gross misuse over the years – and in the wrong hands they can still look terrible, yet, with all that in mind, the sandal still has a certain amount of stigma attached to it. Thus, good styling is critical when stating the case for this high fashion essential.

An extremely lightweight footwear silhouette, sandals are the most qualified option for keeping your feet as cool as possible during the heat. More appropriate than flip-flops, more breathable than boat shoes and arguably more versatile than espadrilles, sandals (particularly leather versions) are a refined choice that can adapt to a wide variety of scenarios and occasions.

Until now, you may not have given much consideration to the powerful pairing of a lightweight linen, cotton or seersucker suit with sandals. Granted, this isn’t a look for an upscale wedding or an event with a strict dress code, but slipping your lovingly pedicured loaves into a sophisticated leather pair for a smart-casual occasion could be the subtle tweak you need to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The key is to go minimal with your accessories – wearing a tie with sandals and tailoring, for instance, might look downright ‘dad’ if not done properly, let your sandals make the statement but go classy with interesting details like rings, wristwatches, neck pieces etc.

The sandal is always likely to divide opinion; for some it’s the ultimate faux pas whilst for others it’s the ultimate in laid-back, refined summer style. Versatile, comfortable and as seasonally-appropriate as it gets, it’s about time the sandal’s merits were taken into account.

I styled this look with a lapel-less suit by @twif_clothing which was very appropriate for this editorial .. Patterned pants by @sanks_official. Accessorized with a neckpiece and bracelet from @westbrookbracelets.

The Sandals, being the major topic of this editorial, was crafted to perfection by Nigerian brand @313eko shoes; when it comes to leather crafting, this brand is exceptional!

Photos by Oseni .A. Kolade


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