Alicia Burke is Disco Ready in New Edit for Porter Magazine Spring 18


Elegant break out Jamaican beauty Alicia Burke is featured in Porter Magazine’s #25 Spring issue in an editorial titled Disco Inferno. Since her 2016 break out, Alicia Burke has given us time and time again all the reasons why she made it thus far and this edit is just one more.

The edit which shows her swaying and moving contorted limbs in various shiny sequined and blowy fringed pieces, showed  her twisting and turning like a dance – like 50 cent says in the song; “It’s the same 2 step with a lil twist”. The edit is simple, easy breezy and fun.

View images below;


Styled by Cathy Kasterine 

Photography by Rory van Millingen

Hair by Neil Moode

Makeup by Ninni Nummela


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