All The Moments That Made The 2017 Oscars Memorable!


The 2017 Oscars happened yesterday and while we can’t get over the red carpet fabulousness of all of our favourite Hollywood celebrities, some moments made the show even more memorable than ever. 

See a run down of some of these moments!

Not So White Oscars 

This year’s Oscars was not so white as compared to previous years that spurned the #OscarSoWhite trend. With some of the biggest winners being black people from Mahershala Ali winning Best Supporting Actress for Moonlight to become the First Muslim actor to do soViola Davis taking the female award for the same category for her outstanding role in Fences, and Moonlight, a black dominated movie taking home Best Picture, this year’s Oscars was not so white!

An Unforgettable Mistake 

Following in the footsteps of Steve Harvey’s epic Miss Universe mistake, the announcers of the winner of Best Picture, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty mistakenly announced La La Land as the winner for best picture instead of Moonlight.

One word – WOW.

Hidden Figures & A Surprise Presenter

To present an award, Hidden Figures trio (Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae, came on stage with a surprise fourth presenter: 98 year old Katherine Johnson, the real-life NASA genius portrayed by Henson in the film who was wheeled unto the stage in her chair, all smiles.


An Expected Boycott

The director of The Salesman and winner of the  Best Foreign Language Film, Asghar Farhadi, boycotted the award in solidarity with those in his country, and others, affected by the recent travel ban.

He had his speech read by proxy which focused on empathy in our current situation.

A Tourists Surprise

Unsuspecting tourists riding a Hollywood tour bus were given a surprise treat when they found themselves at the venue of  89th Oscars ceremony. The tourists were ‘misinformed’ and instead of finding themselves at the Dolby Theatre for a special exhibit featuring dresses and gowns worn at the Oscars, they instead arrived at the Hollywood’s biggest awards ceremony and would see the movie stars up close. Selfies with actors and actresses and a feel of an Oscar’s plagues were some of the perks of their surprise.

Jimmy Kimmel Tweets At President Donald Trump

The Oscar host, Jimmy Kimmel, after several not so subtle jibes at the president, proceeded to tweet at President Donald Trump during the event.

Of course it went viral!

John Legend Happened


Buttressing our point that someone that could actually sing should have been cast in La La Land, was John Legend, his piano and his voice. The Oscar-winning singer took the stage to perform City of Stars and Audition from the best picture-nominated musical, in which he starred alongside Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.







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