Are Pre-Wedding Shoots Necessary?


It has now become a norm in Nigeria for couple’s to do a pre wedding shoot in preparation for the actual wedding. Loads of people look forward to seeing picture of the couples before they say I Do. 

In recent times I have come across a number of pre wedding shoots that amaze me and I wonder what the couples were actually thinking. Did they plan the shoot on their own, did they consult a stylist, or a photographer before going ahead with this?


I’ve seen many bizzaere shots that make me question the entire procedure and its necessity.

Are pre wedding shoots really necessary before you tie the knot? What are the benefits? Is it a compulsory ritual that couples have to do before the main ceremony? Is it a way of announcing their wedding dates, or maybe a way to share photos and create awareness for the D-day?



On the other hand, I have seen some pre-wedding shoots that make me fall in love with the the idea of it – the fun outfits, the beautiful locations and most especially and the obvious chemistry between the couples.

Dolapo-Oni-Gbite-Sijuwade-shoot-TY-Bello 01


Regardless, I still feel the pre wedding shoots isn’t an endeavour every couple must undertake and I will outline my reasons below.

Lack of Creativity

There are so many couples out their that aren’t creative when it comes to planning for a shoot especially in the style department. It feels like in trying to appear not too fuzzy or ‘overdoing’ it, they rummage through their wardrobe and put on the blandest outfit that they can find. People need to know, once your shoot is planned properly, and every detail put into consideration, it will never look overly done or all over the place. Efforts should be made into looking presentable as this pictures will be shared all over social media.

Bad Concept

I recently came across a pre wedding shoot that was done inside a swimming pool. The couple, both fully dressed, jumped into a pool to take under water pictures. I was left confused as to what they where trying to achieve. The location was wrong and the concept with tacky. Finding the right location/ concept is always key

Unprofessional Photography

Getting the right photographer will ultimately mean having close to perfect results. Now I know a lot of great photographers are expensive and you might not be able to afford them, but you can make do with the ones who have an eye for photography and are upcoming in the business, rather than settling for ‘Wait and Get’ passport photographers.

Lack of Chemistry

I have seen so many couples looking totally disconnected in their pre wedding. No love, no chemistry, nothing! Then I begin to think of how they interact with each other. If they cannot feel comfortable being themselves in front of the camera, then what exactly do they want us to see? Both of them wearing fine clothes and standing like mannequins? Hmm! If you are not able to show the lovable side to you, then why do a pre wedding shoot?



These are some of the reasons I feel the pre wedding shoot concept shouldn’t be for everyone. For couples who still want to go ahead with doing one and want it to turn out right you can click here for ideas.


What are your thoughts on pre wedding shoots? To do or Not to do? Please let us know in the comment section below, thank you!







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