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AFARA SS22 Collection Rocks African Fashion Week, Nigeria

Transformational style that makes an impact within women-centric spaces

Nigerian fashion brands have a reputation for making lasting creative statements. Dexy Creation, the brainchild of Adaeze Onu and Ibukun Oluleye, upholds that standard through their identity as premium clothiers. Specializing in women’s ready-to-wear fashion, the brand places its focus on a transformation style that makes an impact within women-centric spaces. Their design direction is African at its core, with an attention to detail that transcends fashion and highlights the delicate craftsmanship that exists within the Dexy ranks.


With several fashion exploits under the brand’s belt, the team at Dexy knows a thing or two about releasing fashion pieces that are just on point. They made a strong creative statement showcasing their AFARA SS22 collection at the African Fashion Week Nigeria at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos. The event, which focuses on highlighting the diverse styles within Nigeria’s fashion space, was a perfect opportunity for Adaeze Onu and Ibukun Oluleye to show everyone what Dexy Creation has in store for the fashion world. As expected, the AFARA Collection stood out on the runway and was received with good acclaim.



The identity of the collection can be traced back to its name. Afara, which means “bridge” in Yoruba, represents the point in the life of a woman where she crosses into an era of self-realization in her growth as a human being. Women empowerment is at the core of this collection which parallels Dexy Creation’s brand values. The fabric choices for the clothes are based on batik and cotton, while each clothing piece features textile waste in it. Up-cycling textile waste into wearable clothes is in line with the brand’s leanings towards circularity in the production process, a point emphasized by creative director Adaeze Onu.


Dexy Creation’s final pieces showcased at the African Fashion Week Nigeria were met with good reviews. In addition to being stylish, the focus on circularity and sustainability in the production process is an innovative way of keeping the collection as eco-friendly as possible. The skillful production of the pieces highlights Dexy Creation as a standard of efficiency in ready-to-wear fashion. AFARA is an embodiment of the core values that Dexy Creation is formed on, and their dedicated execution ensures that the collection leaves exactly the mark that was intended.


Adaeze Onu and Ibukun Oluleye, the design duo behind the AFARA SS22 Collection, continue to make strides in their quest of women empowerment through fashion. The collection embodies the exact ways the women intend to make an impact within the fashion world. Through their efforts at sustainability and economic growth within the fashion space, Dexy Creation serves as an icon for elite craftsmanship whose impact transcends fashion into personal growth and self-actualization.

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Team SV

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