Attending The #GCFEST2017? Here’s How To Get Your Groove On


It is only weeks to the most anticipated music festival in Nigeria, The Gidi Culture Festival 2017, which is set to hold in Lagos, Nigeria on 15th April at the Eko Atlantic. 

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We all know that when it comes to festivals such as this, we always have to get prepared. Apart from getting the fashion and makeup  right, all other things necessary to get your groove on should be ticked!

We put a few exciting things together that we promise will help you enjoy the festival here:


CanonFirst off, you should not go to a music festival without your camera. If you want to enjoy every bit of the festival, you have to be able to capture the moments, so you can look back one day and remember how much fun you had.

Bottled Water/Drinks 


If you are allowed to bring your own drinking water, do so, as water plus soft drinks tend to be overpriced inside the venue. Remember you have to stay hydrated all the time especially if you intend to dance. Heat usually consumes the space, so come prepared.


Baby wipes

As we all know, wipes are no longer for only babies any more. Wet scented wipes can keep you feeling fresh hours later even without washing your face. When the sun threatens to ruin your mood or face, wipes will come in handy!


Sun Screen 

Sun screen

When the sun strikes, there will be no saving grace as we all know the dangers of rays penetrating the deepest parts of your skin. Trust me you do not want sunburns and you certainly do not want skin cancer, so get prepared and remember to buy the best sun screen for your skin.

First Aid Kit


When it comes to festivals, there will be fights, over excited people jumping up and down, and drunk people hitting people by mistake, so if you want to be protected, make yourself a simple first-aid kit. This will save you the trouble in case you encounter any of the people mentioned above.

Toilet Paper 


Festival goers might not be aware of this necessity but everyone has to bring a couple of toilet rolls from home in case there are any bathroom emergencies. You would not want to be embarrassed by certain things right? So you know what to do.


If you plan to enjoy the festival you should have these on your list. Ciao!



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