Avour Matte Series Nail Polish Review: Let’s Go Blue!


The past week I’ve been reading a book written by a friend; London Life, Lagos Living. I find it a bit intriguing how a book published 6 years ago still holds water. Pretty much every scenario represented in the book is still seen in present day Lagos. Except where people go for style tips and knowing who is who and if I’m being completely honest, it’s still the same, the buzz has only died down a bit at least in my own generation. I guess 6 years isn’t a long time or at least not long enough for people to change habits and patterns.

London Life Lagos Living

Well, I decided to take some colour inspiration from the book and went with Blue as my nail polish colour for the week. The shade of blue sits somewhere between True and Tufts Blue and is from the Avour Matte Series. I’ll just get ahead of myself and say I’m very much in love with the colour.

Avour Matte Series Nail Polish Review Deola Aromiwura Nail Polish Review

To be honest, I loved all the colours I’ve worn from the series and seen even more that I’m dying (not literally) to try.

However I’ve noticed the nail polish colours tend to fade out after about 2 days after which I keep having to top it up so it looks presentable. This to me is a major flaw. I also tried the white which is very similar to chalk white. It looked nice initially but very easily got stained and was constantly chipping off.

Blue Nail Polish Review

So the big question is; would I advise you use any of their nail polishes? Yes, only if you intend to use it for a day or two max, because honestly that’s when all the flaws start creeping up.Deola Aromiwura Nail Polish Review Nail Polish Review


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