The Balance Between Function & Style


Typically the topic sounds confusing right. Function and style? What’s the big deal between both you’ll say. Oh well, same thing I thought while brainstorming on what my next post should be about with regards to fashion.

We’re still very much all about fashion and lifestyle, but before we delve into this topic and pieces it, like an unfortunate piece of chicken served us at an “owambe” gathering (i.e a party where a lot of food is shared). Let’s be civil while trying to address this issue formally and break it down to our understanding.

According to the definition of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary; “Function” means, a special activity or purpose of a person or thing, whilst “Style” means; the particular way in which something is done.

Looking at this two definitions can we deduce anything? or rather as a fashion conscious person (aka fashionista), does it appeal to your alter-ego? Simply put, using myself as an example, I have a wedding to go for, a book launch to attend, a party/concert, or I could just be going to a function (occasional event with a title), you get the drill yeah? Normally I’d love to put on a piece of denim trousers (jean), a sleek t-shirt, and my snickers with some other minor accessories and I’m good to go. But with the word “function” in place, I become quite careful while picking my choice of outfit, because honestly you never know who’s watching, or who you could run into, and so would dress in a particular acceptable for that function.

Bad Girl Riri

Now “Style”, this is quite different. Different in the sense that, it’s the expression of my natural aura, which I showcase artistically in the way I carry myself and dress on a regular basis or simply put, my preferred pattern of dressing. Watch this, the ability to strike a balance based on a function and my style, that there gives you a brand as an individual. In recent times, few individuals and celebrities have been able to achieve this; Rihanna, Jidenna, Lady Gaga, Falz, Adekunle Gold, Ric Hassani etc. to mention a few

Adekunle Gold

As individuals you need to be able to strike a balance between your function(s) and your style, to be able to leave a statement and establish your very own brand while creating your legacy. Be Classic!!!

Jidenna, The Classic Man


  1. I had subconsciously defined “function” as the functionality of clothes striking a balance with style (which I found to be more thought provoking) and not the function which refers to an event. So that was a tad confusing as I began reading. However, not much can be said when you think about balancing style with a particular event. It would actually be very uncouth to dress with disregard for the type of event being attended, regardless of personal style. I think by finding that balance, one ought to adhere to the dress code, first, then enforce personal style second. That way, you don’t, for instance, end up as a meat-wearing, guest at a black tie event, all in the name of style. But if it was about the function of a meat dress when you consider personal style, then that’s something completely different.

  2. When I also saw the word *function. .I thought of it in terms of the purpose for which you chose to wear something i.e why you’re wearing what you’re wearing,what purpose is it performing…
    I think that style comes to play when you know what works for you(i.e the function the attire serves,how it makes you look)and you get to pull it off wherever you go and just be unique cos style is supposed to be unique to each individual.


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