Beard Gang! 5 Ways To Make Your Beards Grow Faster


Having a full beard is a big deal, especially in recent years when beard gang has become a thing. It is seen by many as a right of passage into masculinity or even as an achievement.

Beard Gang

Age, genetics and testosterone levels play a major role in determining the rate at which one’s beards grow, however, having thick and full beards is not an easy feat for many men.


The good news is, the process can be fast-tracked although it requires patience and commitment. The following are five ways through which you can grow a fuller beard fast.

Keep A Clean Face

Using mild soap and warm water, rinse your face at least twice daily. This will encourage  the growth of tiny facial hairs.

Beard Gang Jidenna

Removing dead skin cells by scrubbing your face regularly will also stimulate hair growth.

Be Conscious Of Your Diet

Foods that are rich in protein such as fish and eggs, red meat, cheese, milk, cashew and almond nuts, can also help to a large extent. Fruits like grapes, oranges and apples and vegetables like cabbage should also be an important part of your diet.

Beard Gang Fruits

Drinking a lot of water and exercising regularly can also improve blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.

Remember to sleep well and stay away from stress, as it may lead to hair loss.

Make Castor Oil Your Friend

Beard Gang Castor Oil

Apply castor oil on your beards every day before you go to bed. This promotes the growth of facial hair and keeps it in good condition.

Make Use Of Natural Supplements

Natural supplements like Biotin which is rich in vitamins B6, C and E can help your beards grow faster, as they improve both quality and growth of facial hair.

Beard Gang Biotin

Biotin also patches up any beard gaps left.

Suspend Smoking

Nicotine, a natural product of tobacco, slows the body from absorbing nutrients. Besides, a common side effect of nicotine is hair loss.

Beard Gang No Smoking

Smoking also interferes with the circulation of blood due to vessel constriction, so it is advisable to stop smoking during the period you want your beards to grow.



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