Beautiful Under The Rain


Beautiful, is a word related to so many things, but today our focus is on the beauty industry. And like the oil industry experienced a major boom in the early 90s, the beauty industry has also become a big deal today, experiencing a “gold mine feeling” by making ladies look exceptionally beautiful. With different brands both home and abroad, coming up with new kits yearly, and giving not just the ladies, but also make-up artist the desired pleasure of being beautiful.beautiful

Despite this fact, the rain seems to be a major “no, no” for the ladies, as it gets most of their make-up dripping from their faces, making them look like clowns. Let’s make this practical:

Get some powder; apply it gently on your face

Then, go get some water and splash on your face

Check yourself out in a mirror, how do you look?beauty industry

Not as a result of fake products, but the case of the beauty industry needing a new invention. And just like that, “viola”, the water proof make-up was introduced, with “sugar, spice and everything nice”. Giving the confidence not just to look beautiful under the rain, but also in the pool. Some of the recommended brands I know of who have these waterproof beauty kits are; Mac, Matte lipsticks, Classic, Kyle etc. to mention a few.Mac products


Most guys on seeing the heading with “beautiful” in it, would just want to zap off, and search for the next “manly” appealing article to read, but just as this (beauty) is vital to ladies, it concerns the guys as well. How, you might ask? well we all have ladies in our lives; moms, wives, sisters, neighbours, girlfriends, partners etc. who use these products, all wanting to look beautiful right from their beds when they wake. And trust me, you won’t want them looking shabby, because they’ll be traced right back to you.waterproof

Some ladies might already be patronizing these beautiful brands, that I’m so sure of. Do feel free to add your contributions, on where they can be gotten and brands who supply these products. News of waterproof make-up is quite scary for the guys, but the ladies would never; never get over this “Great” news. You know what to do: “Think rain, think beautiful, think waterproof”


Images:, gabrielleunion/instagram


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