Beauty By J’s Day With The Rebel


There’s something very sultry and sexy about purple lipstick and even though orange lipstick is taking over this summer the winter colour finds it’s way onto our summer lips. MAC Rebel Lipstick is one of my favourite lipsticks and I probably wear it at least once a week and when I discovered The Rebel I sent my Ruby Woo on a long awaited vacation.

Apart from the colour, I love The Rebel because it’s got great staying power but don’t just take my word for it. Here’s how my day went with my favourite purple hue.


9:00 am – First Application

Just applied the Rebel and I’m off to work.

Rebel lipstick off to work


10:00 am – Breakfast

Had an apple at 10 and the Rebel is still intact.


12:00 pm – House of Tara Colour Burst Brunch

House Of Tara brunch


2 Chicken wings, 2 Chicken skewers, 1 Bruschetta and 2 glasses of mimosa later, this lipstick is intact!

Rebel lipstick after house of tara event


3:00pm –  Midday at the Office.

After 2 meetings, miming to Sam Smith and 2 packs of plantain chips the rebel is still cooperating. Heading to a meeting at 4 and contemplated touching up but the Rebel proved to be holding up.

at work Rebel lipstick


 6:00 pm – Off Work

I leave the office and head out for drinks rebel still looks good so no need for a touch up.


7:00pm – Dinner at Café Jade

Grilled fish and steamed vegetables, two drinks and one serving of froyo, the rebel is trying hard to stay put but unfortunately I couldn’t help but licking it off while munching away the froyo. 

cafe jade food

cafe jade desert

Rebel is fading away but leaves a berry pink stain.

at cafe jade

The Rebel just proved that it can last up to 12 hours without reapplication. This is why I’m loyal to the Rebel’s government. Amazing lippie.


So ladies, what’s your fave lipstick that has great staying power?



  1. Oh wow! I’m impressed yo….definitely trying out the MAC Rebel Lipstick. I generally use lip gloss more than lipsticks but I’ll be trying this out.

  2. I like the MAC Rebel but never tried it cos its dark and I am dark, but it was so perfect on you. I’m gonna try it now. Thanks for the article


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