Beauty Verdict: Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Shine Free Cake Powder


So I recently attended the Maybelline Smooth Shade Product Launch at Kudeta, Mega Plaza with the Style Vitae team. The invite came with a parking voucher which was awesome (hate to pay for parking)!  The setup was really cool, the venue looked amazing, some sort of activity going on at every corner.

At the entrance were decks of mini cards with all the different shades on offer and  so you had to pick a card you thought had your shade then go to the nearest makeup station to see if you guessed right. Well I was lucky because I picked the mocha shade and I was right so I got a ticket for the makeover draw. I knew I wasn’t going to win though because nobody ever picks Ticket No 1! Lots of drinks, hors d’oeuvres and fun picture taking. On our way out we were giving a gift bag that contained the powder in our shade, which was great because everyone loves a freebie.


This is what Maybelline says about the Clear Smooth All In One Shine Free cake Powder.

For perfectly matte, even skin that lasts all day. The All-In-One that does it all:
– Controls shine
– Conceals flaws
– Smoothes
– Evens
– Mattifies
– Perfects tone
– SPF25

So I decided to put this powder to the test and wear the powder to work.

juwa maybelline clear smooth powder

Control Shine and Mattifies – I have combination skin and always have to blot part of my face especially my nose. Have to say little or no blotting went on that day just that stubborn oily nose of mine.

Conceal flaws – well I don’t really have spots or blemishes on my face so couldn’t really judge if it conceals flaws.

Smoothes and Evens – OMG this powder is soo smooth and blends evenly. This is probably what I like the most.

Perfect Tone – I’m a powder whore and I switch from one brand to another trying to find that perfect shade. Product blends in perfectly with my skin tone which is great. (Even though I like my powder shade to be a bit lighter than my skin tone).

juwa hand maybelline test
Left is clean skin, right has maybelline Clear Smooth in Mocha.


The Verdict – Really cute lilac packaging, slim and compact so can slip into any bag (Very Important). Powder is light, has a very pleasant feel and smell. Blends in perfectly with my skin tone so it smoothes out my complexion and take the shine off my face (just that stubborn nose, which is fine). I however do not like the applicator, a soft brush would work better for me. Great that the product contains SPF25 to protect my face from the sun. In all I am very happy with it and would definitely recommend and purchase it. A must have beauty product.


  1. I’ve never seen nor heard of this product. But I’ll definitely give it a go. Thanks for the beauty update stylevitae


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