Bjork Is An Enchanting Vision In New W Magazine Editorial


Icelandic musician and actress Bjork is in a new editorial for W magazine in all her quirky Avant Garde glory. Shot by Tim walker and styled by Katy England, she appears to be in an enchanted dream that can only be borne by a mind as  quirky as hers.

And to complete this of course it was only right that she interviewed herself (I kid you not, she actually did). If I was ever asked to interview myself I’m not sure what the outcome would be but I’m fairly certain it will be no where close to how cool Bjork’s came out.With the release of her new sex, love, and utopia-fueled album, Björk takes a moment to reflect on her past and dream about her future.

As according to her introduction,

“sooo i’m all sleepy but happy here, just having sent the last files to mastering, album ready…! and then got asked to write questions to myself…hmm…what would i want to be asked? tricksy. i kinda do have a soft spot for some of them cliché questions like what would you tell your teenage self? perhaps i could reverse it? like what if i could ask a future self stuff?


How about i envision a place in nature, with all the warm head space possible for music making and love in the air, will that happen to me? i mean, i kinda already have this with my cabin in Iceland, but like a full-time thing? i have craved it for so long…

Also i’d probably ask about health and happiness of my loved ones? And if there is something i could assist with…?

But mostly i’d probably want to know if i remain brave with music?

With self posed inquisition ranging from questions as mundane as ‘What is your relationship with flutes’ to really out of nowhere ones like ‘how do you avoid routine crystallizing your days into stagnant firm form?’ that reveal her cool eccentricity.

With the many interesting angles of the interview you would expect to not really think about the photos but they are about as hard to miss as a live peacock sitting in your living room, and don’t  get me started on the set design. This editorial just goes to show how much of a cool quirky spirit Bjork is and why Avant Garde artists are always a great idea.


Photography: Tim walker

Styling: Katy England

Hair: Malcolm Edwards for L’Oréal at Art Partner

Makeup and flower appliqués: Hungry for Sugarpill

Set design: Shona Heath at CLM

Photography assistants: Sarah Lloyd, Tony Ivanov

Fashion assistant: James Campbell

Hair Assistant: Lewis Stanford





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