Black Friday Deals From The US? It’s Possible!


This is probably going to be the best thing you’d read today and I’m not kidding. It’s about the best Black Friday deals you can get today.


I love shopping, but the recent restriction/ban on Naira cards is frustrating the shopping side of my entire life, to say the least.

I’m a huge window shopper. You know the type that checks things, bookmarks pages and waits for the right time to shop? Yes, I’m totally one of them, but I lost the thrill the moment the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) put a restriction on the use of Nigerian cards overseas.

These days, I go window shopping, send the link to someone abroad to help me buy and then send back to Nigeria. It’s a tedious process, but that’s the only way to survive, or so I thought until I came across the news that you can shop in the US and pay via PayPal.


Imagine that! Now you have the ability to shop the best Black Friday discounts from Nigeria, get them delivered without having to swipe any cards.

Wondering why you are getting to hear this now? I heard last night and in my usual fashion of ‘helping the society’, I decided to share the good news with you today.

Today, I decided to skip work, stay in bed and shop all day with PayPal. You guys don’t appreciate me enough though.

Click here and thank me later!

Happy Shopping!




  1. OMG!!! I’m so excited about this. Honestly, it has been frustrating shopping with the recent ban on our Nigerian cards. I nevevr knew i could use my Paypal account here in Nigeria. Soooooo i would definitely be caching up on my book-marked items!!!!! Thank you so much Style Vitae!


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