Black and White Nail Polish Inspiration


I’ve been a monochrome baby for quite a bit now promoting and loving all things black and white. I’ve always represented this in my clothes, pictures, accessories and this one time shoes but never on my nails. Recently, I decided it’s time for me to wear this and not on something I’ll take off at night or in a couple of hours but something I’ll wear for days.  It also helped that it was my birthday period so I guess I was feeling quite adventurous. With that I headed to the salon and laid at the feet of my nail technician to colour me black… and white.

This was a bit of new territory for me because I had never worn black even though I’ve done white nails which is the most predominant colour in this. I’m definitely feeling the look but I wish I pushed myself a little more and went for something more daring.

Not too bothered though because I have many more weeks to experiment.
Yay or Nay to black and white nail polishes; Let me know what you think!

Monochrome Nails

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