Blast From The Past: RMD


Recently celebrating his 56th birthday, we can’t ignore the obvious shining star in person of RMD (Richard Mofe Damijo). Ageless in style, and with a timeless fashion signature, RMD is the embodiment of an Entertainment legend. A scholarly man with a focus, once theatre arts student, actor, lawyer, and eventually became a commissioner… who says you can’t have it all.RMD

RMD the stylish genius, his come back game is quite strong, with each new character when you think you’ve seen it all, boom he gives you another “food for thought”. And this level of style and the ease at which he does it for a successful career man, father, and grand-father is quite commendable. RMD showcases elegance in simplicity, while still garnering the respect of his colleagues, peers and subordinates. It’s hard to believe that RMD is just 56, achieving such great feats, and being a role model to several people.

RMD the fashionista
RMD in the 90s

Not really popular for his style initially, from his stellar movie roles like; Out Of Bounds, Diamond Ring, Standing Alone, Critical Assignment, Behind Closed Doors etc. to mention a few, when we knew him as a popular actor but not so stylish per say. But just when we thought we couldn’t have enough of him, he really stepped up his style game noticeably in 2015, trying to keep we “single and seriously searching bachelors”out of the market: from his white beard game, signature hairdo, to the detailing involved in his fashion fusion, his solid shoe/pam slippers/flip-flop designer game, not forgetting his accessories as well. He indeed is a man of all seasons.

RMD of the 21st century

A serious hot-cake in the entertainment industry, being widely sought after by A-list movie producers, and recently becoming a trending version of a “male video vixen” by top music artists, has kept re-inventing himself like a piece of fabric that never goes extinct. Not forgetting the saga a while ago, where a young lady professed her undying love for RMD, stating that she would only marry him or no one else, the “Classic Man” in all humility not taking advantage of this young lady offered his counsel to her, stating the molding from his wife Jumobi as a major influence on his highly celebrated personality today. Scandal free, and loved by all, at the pinnacle of his career, yet still humble in nature.rmd

RMD, the definition of a fashion statement, with a balanced lifestyle. An icon for generations to come.

Images: mofedamijo/instagram


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