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There are a lot of African fashion bloggers that I fancy but sits comfortably at the top of the list for many reasons but my favorite is how simple and realistic I find her blog.

This is Ess, is a fashion, lifestyle blog run by Kenyan beauty Sharon Mundia, who is also a fashion and lifestyle writer and Vlogger for Capital FM Kenya.

Her fashion and lifestyle blog can be considered her diary, as she documents her style, travel, relationship and gives tips on a bit of everything. This goes on to explain the reason she feels fashion is not all about being trendy and cute, but about building your character and expressing yourself.

this is ess 10


Bloggers Association of Kenya crowned her blogger of the year in 2014, which made her a big deal, pair that with her partnerships with fashion brands and other endorsements, it is no wonder her blog has reached an international level.

this is ess 11

this is ess 12

I like that her blog feels like an open book where you can connect or relate with her style, her life and any other thing you want to take away with you.

Take a look at some of her fashionable looks.

this is ess

this is ess 2

this is ess 3

this is ess 1

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