Woven Blends On – Bloggerversary!


Two years seems like two months since I started blogging. What started off as “you dress nicely and have good pictures, you should start a blog” became my actual reality. At first, I did not know what to expect or how to start. It took me a while, as I kept putting it off … then eventually I just did it with fear and uncertainty.

Looking back, it is amazing how much growth and confidence I have acquired over the past two years. I am able to write and post content based on my own terms and values.

Of course there are daily challenges I am faced with everyday along each step of my way. However, it is only in my second year I am beginning to learn that things grow in unique ways. Since this platform is my baby, it is only right that I use babies as an example.



Babies grow in unique ways: The baby who sits up ahead of her peers might be amongst the last to crawl, or even the 18 month old child who still communicates with grunts might suddenly burst out with prepositional phrases at two. In other words, growth is not identical and there is beauty in variation and stages of development. Each individual and idea is unique and is prone to develop at their own pace.


If there is anything I have learnt in the past two years, it is being strong enough not to miss out on milestones while trying to create perfection. My role in this new year, is to nurture my creativity to produce opportunities that will bring my dreams to reality. In order to achieve this, I will be setting simple and clear limits.



Since a number of you still ask how I came up with the name “woven blends”, this is the perfect opportunity to explain. Coming up with a name for a child, business or just about anything is one of the hardest things in life … because names speak life to things and names are powerful.

After several reads through a dictionary and searching through synonyms, I decided on a compound word. Since my blog was going to be a style and food generated blog, I decided to make a compound word out of the synonyms of those words. Woven was derived from the word weave and blends from blender. Each word individually represents clothing and food. When put together, woven blends sounded unique and perfect.

I wanted my blog name to stand out!!! I also knew if I spent too long thinking up a name, I was never going to start, so I went with this.


Looking forward, I plan to be more deliberate this year in my creativity and posts. I want to use my platform as an arena for the youth and my age mates – to show people that dreams are achievable regardless of how old you are. It has been two tough years with a lot of obstacles and slow growth, however, I am glad I amble to learn through all the ups and downs.


To past brands I have worked with, thank you.

To future brands, thank you.

For recognition, belief and trust in me, thank you.

Two years ago, I had no idea what I was doing or getting into.

This is me in 2017, and I am ready to grow with God guiding my footsteps.


Outfit Details

Dress: Topshop

Shoes: Stella McCartney

Photographer: Joel Adu









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