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A few days ago, we started our discussion about body types and body goals. Today we are continuing with ‘endomorphs can HIIT big’ which will elaborate on how high intensity interval training (HIIT) can help endomorphs attain respective body goals.

It is rare to find a happy endomorph, some say the happy ones are only pretending to be. This is not peculiar to males or females, endomorphs are generally unhappy with their appearance because their body type is characterised by a large waist, high body fat and large bones. Endomorphs have been targeted by ‘body shamers’ much more than ectomorphs or mesomorphs because High fashion tends to promote the ectomorph body type while the entertainment industry prefers the mesomorphs body type. Iconic singer Beyonce highlighted this in her hit single “pretty hurts”. Indeed, pretty hurts for endormorphs who are unhappy with the way they look. It is easier for endomorphs to gain mass than ectomorphs, but this advantage is greatly overshadowed by their ability to store more fat than any other body type.
Today, we preach ‘all body types are beautiful’ and they are but that will be a lie if we are unhappy with our physiques. Obviously, genes play a role in the resultant endomorph but we also judge endomorphs because of their poor lifestyle choices. The body goal for any endomorph will fall under any of the two categories: cutting or bulking. Some endomorphs want to shed all fat as quickly as possible (cutting) while others want to convert all that fat to well defined muscles (bulking). Irrespective of the body goals, endomorphs must stick to a vivid workout plan and diet.

Workout plan
The old school fast play which has now been refined as high intensity interval training (HIIT) should be applied all through your aerobic workout. Your weight training should also follow HIIT procedures

HIIT Aerobics
Stairs workout
You will need a stopwatch to do HIIT. A beginner work to rest time ratio can start from 1:1.2 and grow to become 1:0.5. With the suggested ratio, your work time should not exceed 60 seconds. You can do seven to ten sets of HIIT in each aerobic session. Do your HIIT aerobics before and/or after weight lifting to burn fat and keep a firing metabolism. HIIT program for aerobics should be treated as a daily necessity for endomorphs that have cutting goals.

HIIT Muscles
Weight training is a HIIT but most people don’t HIIT. We all know we must rest between repetitions in weight training but most people, me included don’t follow a work to rest time ratio. I used this procedure when I was a beginner for mass gaining because I was predominantly an ectomorph (This will be helpful to all body types) and the results where amazing. As a guide, you should time yourself for a ten repetition workout at fast speed.

This set time will deduce the rest time using the ratio 1:12 but you can start with1:4 as the earlier ratio may seem difficult for beginners. You can grow to using a ratio of 1:1 or 1:0.5 but you will obviously do lesser sets in the long run. Stick to a ratio that will accommodate 5 sets of ten repetitions for each routine.
All routines or programs from full body workout to isolation are helpful to the endomorph that want to cut down or bulk up, while those interested in cutting may focus on HIIT aerobics, weight lifting with light weights will also be helpful and effective.

For endomorphs who want to bulk up, moderate to heavy weights can help but HIIT aerobics are indispensible. I do recommend generally that endomorphs first try to cut down before trying to bulk up. A 12 weeks program can be adopted with a 6weeks cut down schedule and 6 weeks bulk up schedule.

Diet and Supplements
The diet of endomorphs is as important if not more important than the work time in the gym. The mistake most endomorphs make is depriving the body of food but this will cause more harm than good. The body goes into crisis when food derivation occurs and tends to store more fat because the endomorph is a fat storing champion. Intense workout using HIIT will demand more food intake. You should change your diet gradually by increasing intake but decreasing quantity. You can eat up to four or six times a day in small portions between 8 am to 6 pm. Your diet should be rich in fibres, proteins, low carbohydrates and very low fats. Endomorphs should stay away from supplements; they do not have the required active metabolism to use supplements. Endomorphs who use supplements and don’t work out often only gain more weight from fat.

Rest and Recovery
The ectomorph might need much time to rest but this is not so for the endomorph. An endomorph can workout up to seven days a week but never less than four days in a week. Remember to follow the trajectory: workout→ food→ sleep. Rest time after a session should last four two hours at least.

Go now and hit big goals.


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