Broken MakeUp, No Problem


broken makeup

A broken makeup is a nightmare any lady would want to avoid. Ever been in such a hurry to meet up with an appointment, or trying to make it in time to leave the house early and avoid the deadly morning traffic on your way to work. And after bathing and dressing, you place your makeup palette on a table or have it in your hands, and then while trying to apply some makeup and put some final touches, BAM!!! you see your palette on the floor, and in broken pieces. From then on, your whole world turns upside down, and you feel as if your day is ruined right before it starts off?

In my own case, I was on a visit to a friend’s place, and on getting there after exchanging pleasantries, I asked to charge my cell phone due to the low battery I was having. She then pointed out where the socket was with her charger, which was just behind her makeup table, and as i tried carefully to get the cord of the charger to plug my cell phone… BAM!!! there it was, behold her treasured palette lay on the floor with pieces of her broken make-up. It was a horrible feeling that i wouldn’t like to relive. She mumbled a few words though, trying to hide her sadness behind a faint smile, but I saw the hurt right through her eyes.

A Makeup Palette
A Makeup Palette

What to do in such a scenario, or if a friend comes to you for an advice, don’t run away or feign deafness. The solution is right here. Easy steps to follow to make a broken makeup look as good as new:

  1. Get your alcohol or methylated spirit, and a thick pen bottom, or makeup brush stick.
  2. Use the makeup brush bottom to crush the broken makeup into powdered form.
  3. Pour a generous amount of your spirit on the smoothened makeup.
  4. Wait for it to sit for about 5 minutes and then use your finger tips to smoothen the top  again.

    Easy steps to fixing a broken makeup
    Easy steps to fixing a broken makeup

Tadaa! There you have it, your makeup would be as good as new. Have no fears, StyleVitae got you covered.



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