Carribean Princess Fenty


Rihanna is proudly Carribean, from her heavily accented English which hasn’t changed a bit overtime, to her all round yearly active participation in the crop over festival Barbados carnival.

This year was no different as the weekend saw the debut of her turquoise hair.

Her full festival regalia consisted of bejeweled bikini, matching diamante and body gems, and of course a very wild and colorful full blown plumed wings.

Crystal embellished fishnet tights and turquoise nail polish with nude toned makeup completed the look.

With Rihanna there is no dull moment so we will be taking a look at our favorite crop over Rihanna costumes which would be all of them.


From the sweetly angelic all white, to the dark and the colorful, Rihanna’s festival regalia’s always give a fun, wild and vibrant fill which everyone needs every now and then.


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