In Anticipation Of #CHOBS16 Finale: Proof That Chioma Otisi Will Very Likely Wear An Off-shoulder Dress


As you might already know, the finale of the Noble Igwe and Chioma Otisi’s wedding, #CHOBS16 is only few days away, and like many of you, I can’t wait. 

Apart from the small chops and guests’ outfits, I look forward to what Chioma will wear. A part of me wants to bet that, at least one of her outfits, if not all six(don’t say you heard it from me sha) will be off-shoulder.

I say off-shoulder because she wears quite a number of them and they look good on her. Let these pictures convince you.

Chioma 1

Chioma 4

Chioma Otisi 9

Chioma Otisi 2

Chioma Otisi

Chioma 11

Chioma 10

Chioma Otisi third look by tubo

Chioma otisi Second outfit accessories by urezkulture

Chioma Otisi first look by tubo

Chioma 3

Chioma 6

Chioma 2

Chioma 8

Chioma 9

Chioma 12

Chioma 13


…think otherwise? Let’s place a bet!







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