Hey guys! So I’m a little late on this one but I’m hung on TNT’s new series CLAWS produced by Rasheeda Jones which features Niecy Nash, Karucche Tran, Carrie Preston and others. As the title suggests, the main business in the series is a nail salon that has unapologetic manicurists (The claws are to die for literally) but it’s actually a front for money laundering.

The real issue here is the fashion. The wardrobe is amazing because it is so up-to-date. Literally, all the amazing 2017 trends all featured in it. Kae and Nicey’s costumes both stood out to me. I like to call their vibe ‘Hood Chic’.

Nicey didn’t come to play as her wardrobe included pieces that accentuated her voluptuous figure and statement-personalized accessories to go with. Her wardrobe definitely speaks the boss language that matches her character (Damn! what a time to be alive as a woman.)

Karreuche in claws is basically teaching you how to be a “Hood Baddie Barbie”. With colored extensions and up-to-date trends both in clothing and shoes it was just so hard to watch and not to take a cue or two. Her character is so super dope it has a legit Instagram page with over 39,000 followers, now that’s some real boss move on her path.

In the process of completing this article, I realized that both my subjects have completely different body types as women yet they still pulled off looks-to-die-for scene after scene not to talk of the incredible manicure of the female cast.

I’m sorry I can’t help but rave about my observations. If you have seen the series I’m pretty sure you can attest to the facts and if not, I suggest you have a careful and relaxing watch like I did and make sure to share as a comment!


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