Color Me Rainbow 2018!


Hey there fashion enthusiasts! As we all know, color is an element of fashion that never goes out of style but it’s application can come in high magnitude or can be toned really low.

For a minute, colors were huge with the color block and the mix-and-match trend but then it fizzled out paving the way for minimalism.

Colors are back with full force and like everything else, they are better to the extent that in the course of practicing minimalism, the minimalists tries to pitch in colours to their movement thereby adding semi-minimalism as a new scope. See the colour effect?

The new year kicked off and is in full force. As we all know, the new year always ushers in a trend to go with it. With the look of things, 2018 chose to be colorful and we are loving every part of that decision.

Bomb color decisions and color effects are going to be flowing freely till the year runs out and I would be sure to participate and who knows? I might get an SV feature!!

The cool kids need to start tripping out because we need color cues from them though, it’s still very early in the year. We are patiently waiting for the color hits and we plan dwelling in the color zone as well as embracing new trends for the rest of the year!



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