Contemporary 70’s Magic By Akin Faminu


Fashion is something of a necromancer. Which means it communicates with dead trends to create new ones – and sometimes even revives them entirely and one fashion season that always seems to be revived in one way or the other is the 70’s fashion season.

Ah, the 1970’s. Not only did they bring us disco, salmon mousse and Abigail’s Party, but it’s also the decade that arguably spawned more iconic trends than any of those that went before it.


The 1970’s seem to hold an inimitable sense of cool; not least because tailoring of the time (slim-cut, wide-lapelled jackets and flared trousers) was so far removed from the clean, technical tailoring we’re favoring at present.


On a more rambunctious note, the 1970’s in many ways defined what we now consider to be the archetypal rock ‘n’ roll look. “1970’s rock was so much more experimental than any other thanks to Bowie, Iggy Pop, Jim Morrison, Lou Reed and Mick Jagger and at that time, for the first time, music, art and fashion became one thing. Nothing compares to that.



Now that we appreciate the 1970’s fashion season in it’s essence, how then can you interpret it in a more contemporary way, when you think 70’s fashion, you’re probably thinking silk shirts, flared lapel jackets, shirt collars or flared pants, a lot of leather, the signature Afro hair (that your Dad probably had too 😉 ) just to mention a few and, baby steps, that’s a perfect way to start!


So guys, what do you think about 70’s fashion, an era you’re more inclined to for inspiration? Or one too dramatic to indulge?

Thanks so much for reading as always. Feel free to comment what you think, I’d really love to read your comments.




Photography- @dola_posh

Vintage Silk Shirt – @vintaconng






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