All The Coolness That Went Down At The Bearded Genius Official Launch


There is nothing as amazing as a good looking man with beards and there was an ample lot of them at the Bearded Genius official launch which took place at Wèré studio in Lekki. 

I was unsure what to expect the setting to look like, but I went with my gut and dressed up in a simple figure fitting blue dress and paired it with my favourite black strap sandal; I figured I would rather be over dressed than under dressed. On getting to the venue, I was certainly overdressed but trust me to channel my inner Kim Kardashian and work the look.

Bearded Genius Launch 3

Janelle (my colleague)  arrived a little later than I did, and she looked like she had fore knowledge of the setting, as she showed up in an off shoulder crop top, distressed jeans and Adidas sneakers. She was definitely Bearded Genius Official Launch ready.

Janelle & Vanessa at the bearded genius launch
Janelle & I at the Bearded Genius launch

The setting was very relaxed, it was very house party esque with a fusion of pop up stores in corners of the house, so most people were networking, sipping, shopping, inquiring and basically having a good time.

Bearded Genius Launch 4

Janelle and I  took a tour of the the environment, and it was one the coolest launch we have ever been to. Full bearded men as well as men with aspiring beards were scattered around the scenery, some were getting free hair cuts, others were shopping the apparels on display for sale, others were shopping the grooming kits that was launched and the rest were too busy having a good time.

Oil on Block at the Bearded Genius Launch
Oil on Block at the Bearded Genius Launch
Guys getting free hair cut at the bearded Genius launch
Guys getting free haircut at the Bearded Genius launch

The bearded genius grooming kits comprised of beard balms, beard oils, beard combs and so much more, all at prices that were beyond affordable. I suddenly wished I had my very own bearded man at home that I could purchase a thing or two for.

Take a look at some of the guests.


Guest at the Bearded Genius Launch

Bearded Genius Launch 1

Bearded Genius launch
The SV stylish team

Beard Genius Launch - Teni

Bearded Genius Launch 2

Bearded Genius launch event 1

Bearded Genius Launch event

Guests at the bearded genius launch

Denola Grey at the bearded genius









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