CR7 Launches Denim Collection For Men


The football legend (Cristiano Ronaldo), yesterday announced the launch of his new line of CR7 denim pieces for men, which are somewhat impressive. It’s an innovative step by the record breaker, and his wears are soon to flood the market. In CR7’s words while describing the collection, he says “This collection is for more than just my fans. It’s for anyone who shares my values, who lives a limitless life and loves denim. That’s why it not only looks the way denim should look, it’s made to be lived in.”cr7 denim

Adding to his collection includes jackets and shorts. Ronaldo also noted that his denim range would appeal to the more active crowd (young people we guess), with its lightweight construction and better flexibility – in which he’s already partnering with Nike on. The denim trousers, has a really deep/dark blue material, styled with diamonds. The ace footballer, Real Madrid Legend, and super model had this to add,  says  “I don’t take myself too seriously, but I take what I do very seriously. I didn’t want it to be like any other denim line on the market.”  Whether or not it’ll be a hot market commodity, time will tell.cr7 denimcr7 denimcr7 denimcr7 denim

Images: CR7


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