SV Recipes – Homemade Chunky Chocolate Cookies Made Easy!


Chocolate cookies are one of the surest ways to get into my heart. I used to have a boyfriend who bought me them every time he came visiting and now, years after we’ve  broken up, the memory of those acts still make me happy. 

With the biting recessions and what not, it’s getting harder to buy anything without appropriate budgeting and need for it. As a serious addict of these chocolately goodness, I went on YouTube and found just what I needed – a quick and easy way to make chunky chocolate cookies from Home Cooking Adventure

And in my usual benevolence, I’m sharing it with you all!

All you need are:

Chocolate cubes, Baking soda, Flour, Eggs, Cornstarch, Salt, Unsalted Butter, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Eggs and Vanilla Extract, (All measurements based on the quantity you’re looking to make)

Watch this video and get the know how.

Try it out this weekend just like I would!


Have a beautiful weekend fellas!




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