Cross-Dressing; To Be Or Not To Be?

Cross-dressing as a trend?


While Cross-Dressing seems to be gaining ground in recent times, I would like to take us through a brief journey of first instances where they were sighted. But before we embark on this path, the question beckons;

What is Cross-Dressing? in my own terms “is the act of wearing items of clothing or pieces  of clothing as an individual which are attributed to the opposite sex”. History shows instances where these have been sighted, from the days of Hercules in Greek myths, also in the early days in spanish theatres, early bible times of the Jews, to it being used as a form of disguise and more recently, slightly becoming a fashion trend that doesn’t sit well with all across board.

An European male cross-dresser

While this has been observed lately more amongst the male population, it has always been an issue of dispute and never ceases to bring about unending citations and discussions as to it being welcomed or unacceptable in our society. I’ll however leave the final decisions for you to conclude on. Worthy of note, are the cultures of the Asians (e.g. Japanese) who wear robes for both gender, and Scottish who have their cultural attires of the male population time immemorial as skirts.

A Japanese man in his traditional attire

In Africa, the issue of cross-dressing is stiffly gaining ground, with the likes of Bobrisky (from Nigeria) who outshines any other personality in this sense. Whenever cross-dressing is mentioned He’s not too far from the gist. But then again, being able to carve a niche for himself, avoid too much drama, staying consistent with his style and still amassing a lot of attention is what intrigues me. A lot of people based on cultural up-bringing dislike the idea of cross-dressing as they see it as demeaning for a male child, who represents the strength of the home. However, some cross-dressers have said they see it as a way of expressing their alter-ego (style), while others have seen this as an escape from the reality of depression they go through.

Throwback photos of bobrisky, afroparrot
Bobrisky in His element

Would you someday try it?

Would it become a fashion trend in the nearest future?

Would it go extinct?

Cross-Dressing, to be or not to be? In due time we would get to the root of this.


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