Currently Loving – Okiki Marinho Vase Bag, Rosie Assoulin Wrap Tap & More


So, I started this column two weeks ago and I said it will be all about fashion pieces I’m currently loving and can’t get over. This week I have some amazing pieces ranging from affordable jewelries and high end clothes I’m loving.

Let it be known that I’m accepting donations towards making this items leave my wishlist and proceed to my wardrobe.


Okiki Marinho Hand Crafted Leather Vase Bag In Sea Breeze

Okiki Marinho Hand Crafted Leather Bag

I love unique pieces and nothing spells unique more than this handcrafted vase bag from Okiki Marinho. I love that they are handcrafted and have amazing structure. This sky blue Vase structured one particularly appeals to me because of its shape and color.

The Rosie Assoulin Green Detachable Sleeve Wrap Top



I love this top, the colour and the uniqueness. It’s all about the shoulders this season and this Rosie Assoulin number, although not baring the shoulders totally, still exposes it on one hand. It goes for $1,295 and that’s why it’s still on my wishlist.


Marni Women’s Notched-Heel Sandals

Marni Women's Notched-Heel Sandals side view

I’m sure by now, you can already see how weird my taste can be. I love this Marni Nothched Heel Sandals so much. The uniqueness of the heel makes it all the more amazing to me. At $830, my wishlist is where they will remain for now.

Marni Women's Notched-Heel Sandals back view

Eighty Eight Accessories Brooches


Okay, my attention was drawn to this unique brooches because they reminded me of my fave candy back then in Secondary School, Lifesavers. Back then, I had a roll of lifesavers everyday and liked every flavour especially the cherry ones.


See what I’m talking about?

I stumbled on this Eighty Eight accessories Instagram and went on to their website and immediately fell in love with the brooches.

Eighty Eight Accessories Brooches




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