Daddy Jax – Memoirs of a First-Time Dad


I’m really ashamed to be writing you today after so many months of not keeping in touch. I do not expect you to forgive me easily but I’d like for you to know that I am doing an amazing job learning to be a first time parent with Chioma.

Jax is 9 Months and it’s a shame that I never really carried you along with her growth like I promised but the truth is, I’d try as much as possible to go back memory lane while updating you. If you are just starting to read this today, Please go back and start from the first episode to enable you follow the series.

It was the next day after she was born and I had just finished feeding her. Chioma was sleeping and mummy had gone home to change after spending the night at the hospital. When Jax started hiccuping, I was scared and didn’t know what to do. I had seen babies hiccup but never bothered to know what adults are supposed to do in that situation but then with Jax, I didn’t instantly think it was hiccup.

**I reached out to the sleeping Chioma.

Nobs: Baby, please wake up

Chioma: What is it love’?

Nobs: I don’t know what is wrong with the baby but her chest is moving up and down.

Chioma: Please bring her  

**I took Jax to Chioma who started laughing while rolling her eyes

Chioma: But she’s just hiccuping. Remind me never to leave her alone with you, biko

Nobs: Oh, I was really scared and was even about to call one of the nurses 

Chioma: Maybe you should have,I’m sure she’d have had a good laugh

Nobs: I wasn’t ready but I guess I have learnt from this experience

That was my first experience with this “feeling” called hiccups but trust me, few days later when it happened I was equiped and ready with her water bottle.  

Staying in the hospital with Chioma made me appreciate her more and I don’t mean this in that  “The mother of child Igbo man Appreciation “ way. She was amazing all through childbirth and didn’t slap me like I had read so many times on the internet.

The three days we spent in the hospital were amazing and the nurses were there to help with Jax so I had so much time to binge on Netflix, eat things that Chioma weren’t allowed to eat then and of course take the best pictures of Jax.

But you already know that Chioma hates seeing me enjoy myself while she was only allowed to eat ice cubes. I totally understand that she carried the baby for 9 months, gave birth to her but she made sure I fetched her random things even when it was obvious she didn’t need them.

Chioma: Baby, Please come

Nobs: Erm, Okay, what do you want ?

Chioma: Help me push this pillow upwards

Nobs: Okay

**I go back to watching my TV show.

Chioma: Baby, Please come back

Nobs: What’s wrong?

Chioma: Help me cover my legs with the blanket

Nobs: But baby you can just extend your hand and just pull it up

Chioma: Remember the doctor…

Nobs: It’s fine. I’d do it

Chioma: Thank You, Daddy Jasmine   

Nobs: It’s Jax

**I helped her with the blanket but on getting back to my show, she calls me again

Chioma: Baby, Just this last one

Nobs: What’s the issue?

Chioma: I think you pushed the pillow a bit too high

Nobs: But you said it was okay few minutes ago

Chioma: It was and then it stopped being okay

Nobs: Baby, Please make a list of the things you’d like for me to do.

Chioma: Leave your show and come sit beside me

Nobs: Baby, don’t worry about the list. Call me as much as you want. We paid a lot of money for the hospital and I won’t just let the internet waste like that biko.

Chioma: Ngwa, please check if she has pooped 

**I checked and then it dawned on me, I was about to change my first diaper but I wasn’t ready.

Nobs: I’m just going to call the nurse

Chioma: Change it yourself

That was when it happened… 


  1. Hahahahahahahaha! I should give your wife a thumbs up right now & that conspirational wink. By now sha you should have grown accustomed to the poop cleaning


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