Dami’s BBN Daily : Alex With The Crying, HOH Qualifiers, Nina As The New HOH & Individual Nominations!


The race has officially began in the BBN house!

Monday started with Alex not being over the fact that Leo got evicted and continued to cry until tears could no longer fall from her eyes. It was really irritating to watch as she continued whining  (at least in my own opinion). Miracle was nice enough to talk some sense into her about it though but giiirrrlll! (I reserve my comment!)

As usual, qualifiers for the HOH challenge held and four HMs qualified for the role. They include: Tobi, Miracle, Cee-C and Nina. The qualified housemates then proceeded to participate in the HOH challenge which Nina completed first. She is the new HOH, Congratulations to her!

As the housemates are starting to play the game individually, Biggie introduced a new twist to the HOH veto power. The HMs were  supplied with cards which attracts different consequences. As HOH, Nina was allowed to make a choice and she picked a card that allowed her to be immune from nominations only. This means that she is unable to save and replace anyone. For an existing norm, she was able to share the luxury suite that is always accompanied with being HOH. She chose Le boo, Miracle!!!!!!! Like it wasn’t obvious!

The nominations were super consise and basically every housemate is up for eviction except Rico and the HOH, Nina. For clarifications, the housemates up for possible evictions are: Teddy A, Bam Bam, Miracle, Anto, Tobi, Alex, Cee-C and Lolu. I’m really looking foward to the polls on Sunday!



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