Dami’s BBN Daily: Eventful Day 15!


Day 15 is an evidence that Biggie pays close attention to the house dynamics!

Day 14 ended with Ifu, Bamy and Khloe qualifying for the role of HOH for the week and Khloe emerged the winner of the task. Long reign Queen Koko! Would be back to that in subsequent paragraphs but in the main time, let’s scan the feelings of the housemates!

Cee-C is always angry about one thing or the other and she uses the fact that Tobi always own up to mistakes against him. Honestly, I’m sick of all his pleading and I think he should channel his pleading skills into expressing how he actually feels. He did vent to Alex about how he didn’t like the way Cee-C put him on blast on live TV by affirming that they are just friends when they are in fact more than that.

The fear of nomination can make man misbehave as the “coupled up” housemates were seen unusually mingling with the rest of the housemates. Errm! I think they are clever enough to figure that out and I don’t think that would stop nominations because whether you share a common view or not, the game must go on!

Back to Queen Koko, she chose to share her luxury suite with her one and only partner K Brule and I think so far, her loud and hilarious self is doing a very good job.

The nomination result was nullified by Biggie because of conspiracy therefore, all other pairs except K-squared and LeoLex are up for eviction. LeoLex was saved by the HOH, Khloe.

Biggie went further to re-shuffle the housemates and assign them with new pairs and his strategy is on point. He paired housemates that wouldn’t hang together normally in order for them to get to know each other better. The new pairs except K-squared (because Khloe is HOH) are: Dee-One & Cee-C, Tobi & Alex, Teddy-A & Ahneekah, BamBam & Rico, Princess & Miracle, Nina & Angel, Leo & Anto, Lolu & Vandora, Bitto & Ifu.

Biggie’s task for today was the fear factor game which they had to eat a certain meal but I’m not too clear on what they had to eat. One could tell that it was quite unpleasant by the looks on their faces and it even made Khloe puke. I can only imagine! The other one was to say what they like about each other and they all made very good point but I was quite shocked when Khloe professed her deep rooted love for Leo. No wonder she saved LeoLex!

Later in the day, some housemates like Angel, Teddy and Khloe had a disagreement with most housemates about their eating habits and their ability to waste food. I really think Biggie’s food punishment was well deserved as most of them seem to have bad eating habits. A lot in a day right? You can say that again!


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