Dami’s BBN Daily : Heritage Bank Buffet For Team Blue, All White Party Prep, Jimmy Jat On The Turntables & Ceebi Telemundo Series Season 3!


As promised by Biggie the winning team from the housemates’ presentation on Friday, the blue team (Lolu, Leo, Ifu & Tobi) got a bit of their reward from Heritage bank.

It was all blown out as a part of the garden was prepared specially for them to enjoy their three course meal with waiters and all. Their fellow housemates were allowed to watch but not have a taste from their meal. They could only drool!

For their party hours later, the housemates got their party zone all ready for their all-white themed party. They were also supplied with party outfits courtesy Payporte. It was evident that white is such a dope group colour as the housemates all looked pretty amazing!

The surprise for the housemates wasn’t over as the Legendary Jimmy Jat was on the wheels of steel for the night. They more more than excited when they found that out and immediately started jamming to his mixes. Then came the main story of this entire article!

I saw that most viewers were up all night just to watch how it ended but I got a hang of it just this morning. Apparently, Tobi accused Cee-C of grabbing his penis which she outrightly denied. A lot of the other housemates tried to settle it for them but they just kept going on and on. Cee-C revealed that she would never do such a thing and matter of fact, she has never had sex. That caused a whole lot of frenzy but in the end they settled it before they went to bed and even kissed and makeup but then they sure can drain the life out of someone with their drama!


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