Deola With The Good Hair… Natural Hair Hack


I’ve been rocking my now favourite hairstyle for a bit and everyone seems to be loving it and I’ve had people ask me how I did it so I decided to do a post to let you know (because I’m that nice).

To be honest, I only found this hair hack like 3-4 months ago and I felt like I had been living under rocks for agessss and I found on it on YouTube . Everyone that knows me is aware I take everything I see on YouTube with more than a little pinch of salt because 9 out of 10 times they do not work.

My go-to leave out hairstyles have always been twists out and pineapple buns since I went natural and to be honest I’ve gotten bored with those. While being totally random and watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, I came across a video on how to create a sleek ponytail and I LOVED it and thought it was something definitely worth trying out.

Achieving the look is quite straightforward as all you need is water in a spray bottle, a detangler, hair oil, Eco Styler gel, hard hair brush, bobby pins and a pack of natural looking/curly hair. For mine I used Sensationnel Soft N Silky Afro Twist Braid . While I’ll put the link to the tutorial and share pictures of my hair in a bit, I thought to let you know what I observed when doing this hack because obviously youtubers never tell us the whole truth.

  • You’ll use a lot of gel

…and I mean A LOT. I remember getting my 1.8ltr Eco Styling gel and thinking this is a bit much, but if I continue with this hair do (which I intend to), the tub will be done in no time.

  • It does take some time to create this look

It doesn’t take as much time as braiding your hair however you definitely have to put a decent amount of time aside if you want to get it right. It however get’s easier with time. The first time I tried this look, it took me about 2 hours and the next time let’s say an hour. I usually start  the night before so I get my hair laid to the gods and have the extensions fixed the next morning.

  • Maintaining it is a tad tricky.

I guess this has to do more with my hair texture though as I need to wet, re-gel and scarf it down every night. I only did the wet and re-gel process the first time as it wasn’t very practical for me. What I do now is just brush it and tie it down with a scarf every night. The downside to that though is the hair looks the most amazing on the first day…other days aren’t as nice.

I was also a tad confused about what to do with the attached bundle of hair, however, I have concluded taking it out and reattaching them with bobby pins makes perfect sense, except of course you’re in bae’s house and might be a bit weird or maybe not.


Finally, I’ve been able to wear this in 3 ways, a straight up pony tail, a big bun and a tuck-in bun (I’m really not sure if that’s the name but you’ll see the pictures below).

Straight up Pony Tail


Big Bun

Tuck-In Bun

It’s really amazing and I feel hella pretty every time I wear my hair like this. You should try it and let me know what you think!


Watch the tutorial here:

Image source: Olufemi Awobokun




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