Diary Of An Isale Eko Girl – Athleisure


Lets just say I have found peace and comfort in my brother’s wardrobe. At least twice a week that is where I find and pick out the outfits I wear; he is tired of me but what can he do really. You are wondering why I am talking about wearing my brothers clothes well today’s look is thanks to him (involuntarily of course), just the pants though.

This week I decided to try a take on the ‘Athleisure’ look, since a few weeks ago, dressed in my brothers oversize sweatpants and shirt, I ended up out all night and loved how easy and comfortable the look was with a pair of heels on. I danced the whole night, of course there were a few prying eyes wondering why I was looking/dressed homeless (as my friend Ronke calls me when I dress up in oversized clothes) but it was a ‘lewk’ I was loving and no one was going to tell me or make me feel otherwise.

Tried a new person behind the lens, Stephen Tayo, and was abit skeptical cause he just really wanted me on the road posing, which in Lagos isn’t easy with everyone staring at me and making it hard to focus, but it came out great and so glad I did it.

We already know my hair is always LAID and I am here for this length, never done a weave this long but there’s a first time for everything. Its about 20” long, silky and so lush. Bone straight weaves will always be my signature and go to look.

What do you guys think about the look? Have an amazing weekend.



Outfit Details

Shirt – Asos

Track Pants – Adidas Originals

Shoes – ChristianLoboutin

Hair – Hikkyshair





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